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    • 18 Aug 2016
    • 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    • Chevron, 6101 Bollinger Canyon Rd., San Ramon, CA 94583

    Take your pick. Oracle Database performance guru Craig Shallahamer will present a whole-day performance tuning seminar as part of the conference. There will also be a full track of sessions on Oracle Cloud. Where else except at NoCOUG, the oldest Oracle Database user group in the world?

    From ASH To AWR To R: Modern Oracle Performance Analysis

    by Craig Shallahamer

    1. How To Choose Your Best Oracle Performance Analysis Strategy

    It’s an unhappy user. What is your best strategy? As Oracle DBAs we have two fundamental performance analysis strategies: time based and sample based (ASH). Knowing their differences and how to exploit them gives you the edge. In this seminar, Craig introduces each strategy, highlights how they work and contrasts their differences. Then he will demonstrate each strategy ending with three situational videos and YOU choose the best strategy. It's easy... once you have mastered the material in this presentation!

    2. Tuning Oracle Using An AWR Report

    Tuning Oracle Using An AWR Report teaches Oracle DBAs how to make Oracle database systems fast using an AWR or Statspack report. Craig will lead you through the entire process turning you into a respected performance analyst. No more flipping through an entire AWR report top-to-bottom desperately searching for answers! You will learn how to develop solutions that are spot-on and everyone will know it. You will know what to do, do it fast, and be able to explain the situation with clarity and confidence.

    3. Let’s Build Something! Building Your Own ASH Toolkit

    Let's build something! ASH provides Oracle DBAs with an amazing set of performance data. In this video seminar Craig will show you how to build three highly flexible ASH-based scripts: summary, top anything and session time-line. Throughout the seminar Craig explains and demonstrates scripts on a real Oracle workload. Whether you use these scripts or not, you will have a very deep understanding about ASH and how to effectively use it.

    4. How To Use R In Your Performance Analysis Work

    If you want to add some legitimate statistics and visualizations to your professional toolkit, then you need to learn the basics of R. R is the free statistics package used by nearly all university graduates and increasingly in the BI and DBA community. It is super easy to install and get started. In this presentation Craig will demonstrate how to install R, how use a simple SQLPlus script to gather Oracle performance data formatted for R, how to statistically summarize the data, and how to visualize the data using histograms, scatter plots and line plots. It's a lot, but it won't take long because R rocks!

    5. Incident Analysis Using ASH Data

    If you want to learn how to use ASH to solve random short-lived performance incidents, you will find this presentation very valuable. In this session, Craig will begin with why ASH (active session history) is so awesome, how it works and how we use ASH to solve very complex Oracle performance incidents. Using OraPub's free BloodHound toolkit, Craig will lead you through an incident analysis process resulting in a graphical visualization of the situation. To do this, he will use his BloodHound toolkit and the free statistics package R.

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